Nottingham Trent University

Full-Time MBA

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Full time - 1 year
Tuition fee
22800 £ (26460 €)

The Nottingham Business School MBA is designed to enhance your management knowledge, your leadership capabilities, your global perspective and your professional career.

The NBS MBA aims to prepare you to be more informed across all areas of business administration so that you are able to take up senior strategic management roles as part of your career progression.

The curriculum will challenge your thinking, stretch the boundaries of your knowledge and demand reflection on your previous managerial decisions and actions. If you take the programme seriously and go beyond the minimum requirement to pass, it will help you to consider how to be an ethical and effective leader so that you can make a positive contribution to your future organisation, employees and society.

Admission requirements

27 / 33 / 42 (Min / Avg / Max)
Work experience (years)
3 (Min)




Address: Nottingham, United Kingdom