Nottingham Trent University

Interior Architecture and Design

Full time

Our Masters course in Interior Architecture and Design offers a multi-dimensional platform that explores and interrogates crucial discussions surrounding interior, spatial, and architectural design. Now more than ever this specialised intersection is essential to redefining how we interact with the worlds around us; from the immediately personal, to the collectively experiential.

Within the studio-centric culture you will have the opportunity to develop through a combination of explorative design projects and skill-based modules. Throughout the programme, you will work on a structured series of theoretical designs to investigate methodologies in context, focusing on the interrogation, manipulation, and definition of space.

Studio projects are introduced sequentially throughout the year and each one will examine differing scales, combinations, and typological genres within the thematic context of interior architecture and design. Across all projects, an emphasis on research is used as an informing platform for independent exploration and discussion, enabling varied and unique responses to each brief.

Admission requirements

19 / 30 (Min / Max)