Vienna University Of Economics And Business - WU Executive Academy

Executive MBA with Specialization Options

Vienna, Austria

18 months
Tuition fee
39200 €

The Executive MBA with Specialization Options is designed to meet today’s challenges of highly demanding industries or business functions. It provides you with all the tools necessary to leverage your potential to become a world-class leader with profound expertise and practical skills in management, strategy, organization and finance. This enables the Executive MBA participants to seize new opportunities, quickly adapt to new business environments and overcome global challenges. 

The modular structure of our Executive MBA programs allows managers and high potentials to take a world-class MBA while pursuing their careers. The Business Core modules cover vital economic and business administration expertise alongside up-to-date management and leadership tools and techniques. The specialization modules provide our students with profound knowledge, expertise and competencies in a chosen function or industry.

Choose your specialization:

  • Executive MBA Digital Transformation & Data Science
  • Executive MBA Energy Management
  • Executive MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Executive MBA Finance
  • Executive MBA Public Auditing
  • Executive MBA Strategic Marketing & Sales
  • Executive MBA Strategic Project Management
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    Admission requirements

    25 / 35 / 45 (Min / Avg / Max)
    Work experience (years)
    3 / 11 / 15 (Min / Avg / Max)
    Managerial experience (years)
    3 / 4 / 5 (Min / Avg / Max)

    Student body

    Male students
    Female students

    Geographical origin:

    Africa 3
    Asia Pacific 4
    Canada 2
    Eastern Europe 41
    Europe 82
    Western Europe 41
    Middle East 4
    North America 4
    USA 2
    South America 3


    Pre-MBA industry:

    Advertising/ Media/ Communications 3
    Automotive/ Engineering 6
    Communications 13
    Consumer packaged goods 5
    Professional service/Consulting 6
    Finance/ banking 15
    Government/ Public sector/NGO 7
    Health/ Pharma/ Biotech 6
    Hospitality 2
    Manufacturing 14
    Power/Utilities/ Energy 11
    Retail 2
    Real Estate / Construction 2
    Technology management 13
    Transportation/ Logistics 3
    Other 11

    Professional role:

    CEO/ CFO/ CIO 22
    Director 24
    Entrepreneur 1
    Manager 14
    Overseer 2
    Lead 16
    Department head 5
    Consultant 8
    Vice president 8




    Address: Vienna, Austria