University Of Pittsburgh

MS in Marketing Science

Pittsburg, United States of America

Full time

Businesses increasingly are relying on data to discover what motivates people to buy, and today's employers are demanding more technical and analytical skills from their marketing teams.

Position yourself at the forefront of marketing science through a combination of foundational coursework and experience-based learning opportunities. Partner with businesses on real problems, and learn how to build effective strategies using data and technology. Be prepared for the future of marketing as you gain a broad introduction to marketing and in-depth study of customer insights, research techniques, data analytics, digital marketing, and social media marketing. Learn how to build effective marketing strategies based on data and the latest technological tools.

The Katz Master of Science in Marketing Science is a 30-credit master's degree program you may complete in two terms of full-time study beginning in the fall (August) term. You may also pursue the degree part time starting in the fall, spring (January), or summer (May).

You'll also have access to research opportunities and industry connections through the Katz Center for Branding, a leading research center for branding and digital marketing.

Admission requirements

19 / 30 (Min / Max)




Address: Pittsburg, United States of America