Hult International Business School

Master's in International Business with Internship

London, United Kingdom + 3 more

Full time
12 months
Tuition fee
62700 $
Start date
09 September, 2024
Application deadline
31 July, 2024

Practice what you learn and stand out in a competitive global job market. After completing core courses in the Master's in International Business program, dive into a 12-week full-time summer internship, applying classroom learning in a real professional setting.

Learn international business by doing it

Become a valuable contributor to any organization as you learn innovative business skills as well as meaningful communication and collaboration. Develop key skills such as business process and analysis, international marketing, data visualization and storytelling, and financial literacy. Explore opportunities to launch new products in global markets and determine a market strategy for success through real-world business challenges that are integrated into your entire program.

Key program features

  • Full-time / One year
  • On-campus
  • Home campuses: Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai

Why do an internship?

Internships aren't just about gaining practical experience; they're your gateway to a competitive edge in the global job market. In today's fast-paced and evolving industries, employers seek graduates with a blend of academic knowledge and hands-on skills. When you choose the Master's of International Business With Internship at any of our campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, and Dubai, you'll receive expert support from our dedicated careers team to pursue international or domestic internship opportunities based on your eligibility to work as well as your future plans.

Travel overseas or stay where you study

The Internship Pathways were developed to provide you with maximum schedule flexibility, enabling you to work full-time during the summer months based on your eligibility to work as well as your future plans.

Whether your goal is to travel to a new country and gain international experience or you want to focus your time in and around your home campus to expand your network there, we have an internship option for you.

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Admission requirements

20 / 23 / 30 (Min / Avg / Max)
Work experience (years)
4 (Max)




Address: London, United Kingdom


Address: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Address: Boston, United States of America


Address: San Francisco, United States of America