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Women & MBA - Europe and Asia

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Discover MBA insights and success stories about women in leadership from top business schools

Lead the way in your career growth and speed up your journey in female leadership.​

Day One - Programme


THURSDAY, 10 JUNE 2021 -  Official event times are in CET

17:00  EVENT Opening by Access Online

17:05  KEYNOTE: From The Big 5 to social entrepreneurship (TBC)

Olga Marcenac, Chief Operating Officer, Nasekomo

17:25  CASE STUDY/Q&A: The Rise of Women Leaders in the Global Business Field

Deborah McCandless, Associate Director,  IESE Business School (Spain)

17:50  SUCCESS STORY/Q&A: Women in MBA: Addressing the Misconceptions

Karen Barker, Director of Recruitment and Marketing, Warwick Business School (UK)

18:15  SUCCESS STORY/Q&A: Women Success in Leadership

Emily Centeno De Abols, Marketing Manager, ESCP Europe MBA (Multicampus)

18:40  CASE STUDY/Q&A: Women are Less Likely to Invest in Themselves?

Nathalie Naveda, Head of Marketing and Talent Acquisition, University of St. Gallen EMBA-HSG (Switzerland)

19:05 CASE STUDY/Q&A: Become the Leader You Would Want to Follow  

Eric Askins, Executive Director, Full-Time MBA Admissions, UC Berkeley: Haas Full-time MBA (USA)

19:30  WEBINAR/Q&A: Empowering Women in Leadership

Sara Vanos, Director, Marketing, HEC Paris (France)

19:55 CASE STUDY/Q&A: Developing Female Role Models in Male-Driven Industries

Anna Patterson, Presenter & Marketing Specialist, Vienna University of Economics and Business WU Executive Academy (Austria)

20:20  CASE STUDY/Q&A: A to Z of Female Representation 

Jeff Hunter, Assistant Dean, George Washington University (USA)

20:45 WEBINAR/Q&A: Women and Leadership Growth

Ilaria Contrastini, Digital, Direct to Consumer Senior Manager at Discovery Inc | discovery+,  Alumna, MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management (Italy) 

21:10 KEYNOTE: The Importance of Lifelong Learning

Angela G., Student of Human Nature, Founder @ Career Protocol & FriendMo

Parallel sessions:

Small-group discussions: Pre-scheduled sessions with the best-matching schools
One-to-One: Ad hoc video sessions with your schools of choice
Live chat: Message your schools of choice for a chat during or after the event

Day Two - Programme

SATURDAY, 12 JUNE 2021 -  Official event times are in CET

10:00  EVENT Opening by Access Online

10:05  KEYNOTE: The Value of the MBA Experience in the Workplace

Pallavi Srivastava, APAC Talent Leader, IBM GTS

10:25  SUCCESS STORY/Q&A: Gender Balance on the MBA, and Beyond – Why It Matters

Edina Horvath, Associate Director, Esade Business School (Spain)

10:50  SUCCESS STORY/Q&A: Women and MBA Success Stories

Shri Ramakrishnan, Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment, Syracuse University-Whitman School of Management (USA)

11:15  WEBINAR/Q&A: A to Z of Female Representation

Amy J. XU,  Regional Manager, Grenoble Ecole de Management (France, Germany)

11:40  WEBINAR/Q&A: A to Z of Female Representation

Jennifer Differ, Regional Director, Hult International Business School (USA, UK, UAE, China)

12:05  WEBINAR/Q&A: Building Confidence in Female Leaders

Vivian Tran, Manager, Recruitment and Admissions, UBC Sauder School of Business (Canada)

12:30 WEBINAR/Q&A: Faking it: Impostor Phenomenon and the MBA

Dane Wallace, International Relations Manager, University of Nottingham Business School (UK)

12:55  WEBINAR/Q&A: Creating a Supportive Culture for Women in Business

Ryan Hess, Interim Director of Admissions, Penn State University: Smeal College of Business (USA)

13:20  CASE STUDY/Q&A: Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

Irina Zilbergleyt, Director of Career Education & Advising, IE Business School (Spain)

13:45  CASE STUDY/Q&A: Women in Work in 2021: Where Are We Heading?

Dr Robyn Remke and Emma Watton, Lancaster University Management School (UK)

14:10  KEYNOTE: Build Your Success Mindset (TBA)

Parallel sessions:

Small-group discussions: Pre-scheduled sessions with the best-matching schools
One-to-One: Ad hoc video sessions with your schools of choice
Live chat: Message your schools of choice for a chat during or after the event

How the MBA empowers women

The MBA degree is a stepping stone for business women around the world who want to grow their career. MBA students have the unique opportunity to:

  • Attain the essential business toolkit for positions in management
  • Interact with diverse professionals and build a global network
  • Prepare for a dynamic business future and flexible leadership

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Why join the online event

Are you looking for business insights and inspiration about female leadership? Enjoy the interactive event schedule:

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  • Learn the latest data and trends about women in leadership
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  • Explore career paths for women in business and management

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