MBA Virtual Event - Latin America residents
Apr 22, 2023

Unleash your full potential and supercharge your career with an MBA degree from the world's leading international business schools.

Join us online for our interactive personalized meetings and explore opportunities and programmes during One-to-One or small group video calls with MBA admission directors.

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Discover, connect and succeed!

Expert consulting: Get matched with top business schools that fit your goals. 
Interactive personalized meetings: Take part in 25-minute online video meetings with MBA admission directors, get all your questions answered and gain first-hand impressions about the MBA programs to help you make the best decision for your future.
Useful workshops and resources: Join online live presentations and webinars featuring insider tips from leading educational centers for test preparation and scholarships. Register now for free!

Access unique insights about top business schools and their MBA programs that you won't find anywhere else and take the first step towards a successful career.


Choose the date that is more convenient for you!

April 24, 2024 GMT -5 (Lima Time)

4:30 PM Opening of online check-in

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Interactive video sessions with Business Schools

6:20 PM – 6:40 PM School alumni panel

May 8, 2024 GMT -5 (Lima time)

5:30 PM Opening of online check-in

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Interactive video sessions with Business Schools

7:20 PM – 7:40 PM School alumni panel

Schedule notes:

  • Each participant gets a personalized daily schedule based on individual preferences
  • Session duration: 20 min
  • Maximum number of sessions in one day: 8

How to take part?

Step 1: Complete the registration form. We will review your profile and may contact you to better understand your qualifications and preferences.
Step 2: Based on the information you have provided, we identify the most interesting universities and business schools for you to connect with at the online event.
Step 3: You receive your event schedule. It includes your scheduled meetings and other event features that you may join.
Step 4: On the event day we will call you (free of charge) to arrange the timings of your meetings and to answer any further guestions you may have! You will find all the information and instructions for the event log ins in your email right before the event.

Get ready to discover the best business school for your future now!

How to participate

​4 simple steps:

1.Register online. We will review your profile and may contact you to learn more about your goals.

2.Get matched. We will match you with all business schools that meet your preference.

3.Receive custom schedule. You will receive your full schedule of school learning sessions, MBA and career expert panels.

4.Join the online event for active interaction with MBA admission officers from top business schools in the world.

*On the event you will get a free of charge call to arrange you session timing and to answer any questions you may have. You will receive an e-mail with all instructions on the event day.

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